Wendell LaDuc Safety Award

The award, established in honor of Wendell R. LaDue, recognizes distinguished water utility safety programs. Wendell R. LaDue was born in Ohio in 1895 and graduated from the University of Southern California. After serving in the U.S. Navy, he began work in the Akron, Ohio, Water Department as a draftsman in 1919 and retired as superintendent and chief engineer in 1961.

LaDue worked hard for the water industry. In addition to serving as an AWWA President from 1946–1947, he was a committee member or chairman for various engineering societies and the National Safety Council.

The KsAWWA award will be presented each year at the KsAWWA Annual Meeting and Awards Lunch during the annual joint conference. There are four classes for this award:

  • (I) Utilities with fewer than 10 employees;
  • (II) Utilities with 10-100 employees;
  • (III) Utilities with 100-500 employees;
  • (IV) Utilities with over 500 employees.

The winner of the KsAWWA award each year is eligible for the AWWA award.

Previous Recipients

2023 Class II – City of Garden City Water Department
Class III – WaterOne