KsAWWA’s Operator Meritorious Service Award

Award Criteria

The purpose of the Operator Meritorious Service Award is to recognize special performance in one or more of the following:

  • Continuous compliance with all public health standards in treated drinking water;
  • Consistent and outstanding contribution to plant maintenance thereby prolonging the useful life of equipment;
  • Development of new and/or modified equipment or significant process modifications to provide for more efficient and/or effective treatment;
  • Special efforts in the training of treatment plant operators;
  • Special acts not directly related to water treatment, but which demonstrate dedication to the public beyond the normal operating responsibilities; and/or
  • Consistent and outstanding contribution to the operation and/or maintenance of distribution lines, pump stations, and reservoirs.

Eligibility for the Award

Section members eligible to receive the Operator's Meritorious Service Award shall include any water supply or distribution individual who, during the time period of the meritorious activity, worked in any operations related capacity.

Entry Requirements

Submit to the section the full name and address and complete biographical information on each nominee on the entry form provided by AWWA along with supporting data concerning the meritorious service performed by the nominee.

Nomination Procedure

A nomination for the award may be submitted for consideration by any AWWA section member to the section Operator's Meritorious Service Award Committee.

Presentation of the Award

The award will be presented at the KWEA/KsAWWA Joint Annual Conference.

Previous Recipients

2023 Denise Friday
2022 Steven Hall
2021 Paul Crocker
2020 Rusty Tournade
2019 Perry Smith
2018 Joe Cribbs
2017 Jennifer Dixon
2016 Keith McAdoo
2015 Ron Wyatt
2014 Robert Simmons
2013 Steve Nirschi
2012 Kerry Peterson
2011 Alan Thomas
2010 Lester Estelle
2009 Chuck Weber
2008 Dan Defore
2007 Garry Turner
2006 Ron Snethen
2005 Phillip Cooper
2003 George E. Simanowitz
2002 Durward M. Johnson
2001 Charles Gray
2000 Ron Rhodes
1999 Jeff Arnold
1998 Gerald Blain
1995 Bruce Tate
1994 Dale McMaster
1993 Don Moore
1990 Don Silver
1989 Don Gray
1988 Michael Cavanaugh
1987 Alan Shineman