KsAWWA’s Water Taste Test Award

The Community Relations Committee of KsAWWA invites all utilities to participate in the annual Water Taste Contest at the KWEA/KsAWWA Joint Conference.

Below are the rules of the contest. Entries must be submitted by noon on Tuesday the week of the conference, to Section Manager Hank Corcoran Boyer, at the conference exhibitor registration desk. Each entry will be logged and assigned an identifying number.


  • Personal attendance is required for the competition. Anyone from the participating utility may act as the representative for the utility.
  • One sample should be brought in a one-liter container, preferably glass. No markings should be on the container; the container will be marked at the conference with an identifying number known only to the KsAWWA Section Manager.
  • Samples will be served at room temperature.
  • All entries must have incurred no state or federal drinking water violations (MCL, monitoring, record keeping, etc.) during the previous year.
  • The previous year’s winner is not eligible to enter.

Contest Judging

  • The panel of judges will consist of KsAWWA, KWEA, and AWWA members.
  • Samples will be judged on a seven-point scale from best (1) to far from ideal (7).
  • Scores will be tabulated, and the winner will be announced immediately following the judging.
  • Only the winning sample will be announced. Samples will not be ranked nor will scores be released.

Previous Recipients

2023 WaterOne
2022 City of Emporia
2021 WaterOne
2020 No Contest
2019 City of Lawrence
2018 WaterOne
2017 City of Iola
2016 City of El Dorado
2015 City of Iola
2014 WaterOne
2013 City of Olathe
2012 City of Emporia
2011 WaterOne
2010 KCK BPU
2009 City of Wichita
2008 City of Olathe
2007 City of Emporia
2006 WaterOne