Water Treatment Operator

City of El Dorado

The Water Treatment Operator is responsible for the day-to-day monitoring and operation of the water treatment plant, raw water intake, booster stations, and elevated storage tanks. Maintenance activities may be assigned or expected. Classification will be determined based on the mastery of skill and will be representative of their level of KDHE certification class. 

Essential Functions

  • Collects water samples, conducts specific tests measuring quality of the water sample assuring accuracy for following the correct protocol for each specific test.
  • Analyzes test results. Records results of the tests on daily worksheets assuring for accuracy and timeliness. Assures that the chemicals are properly balanced at all times.
  • Conducts follow-up testing on a regular routine assuring for continuous monitoring of water in process.
  • Conducts a procedure of backwashing filters on a regular and routine basis assuring for proper operation.
  • Submits all required samples and/or results to KDHE.
  • Maintains an awareness of all chemicals, supplies, and equipment required to operate the plant. As needed, monitors the treatment process and makes appropriate changes. Assures that appropriate levels and amounts of chemicals needed to operate the plant are maintained in current inventory. Notifies supervisor of the need to reorder supplies and chemicals.
  • Conducts operational tests and monitors all equipment assuring that all is operating within specifications.
  • Performs on-call status on a four-week rotating basis.
  • Assists with data collection, zoning, and re-zoning of State Bacteriological sampling program.
  • Reviews and examines new products and technology, field tests new products as they become available.
  • Enters data in computer assuring for accuracy and timeliness.
  • Assists with special projects and committee work as requested by supervisor.
  • Relating to potential emergency situations, takes readings on Lake and River levels.
  • Exhibits positive attitude towards position, co-workers, supervisory personnel and members of the general public.

Pay Range

Hourly rate starting at $15.00. Hourly rate may vary depending upon education, experience, or qualifications.


January 21, 2022