GIS Technician


The purpose of this position is to edit and maintain the GIS database using ArcGIS software while utilizing established procedures and best practices of data entry to assure quality control and data integrity. GIS map creation, GPS collection, and GIS analysis will also be performed.


  • Compile, attribute, convert, edit, and maintain data in geographic and operational databases and their associated documentation.
  • Assist in establishing and maintaining GIS database quality control and quality assurance procedures.
  • Uphold GIS system integrity, security, and confidentiality.
  • Provide support of integration between GIS and other non-spatial applications such as SAP.
  • Provide technical support on GIS applications and mapping assistance to the Distribution Division.
  • Create and modify maps & drawings as requested in both GIS and AutoCAD software.
  • Collect global positioning system (GPS) points in the field.
  • Analyze geographic and statistical relationships among varying types of data to incorporate into sophisticated final map products and reports.
  • Provide timely information in response to inquiries regarding WaterOne facilities to WaterOne personnel and the general public.

Pay Range

From $27.02 per hour